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All accommodation reservations must be confirmed at the time of booking by either providing a valid credit/debit card guarantee, deposit or full prepayment. By issuing the credit/debit card details the booker is giving Lavinia House permission to take payment from the card if a reservation is cancelled or if an account is left unpaid, according to the agreed terms of the booking, Lavinia House does not hold provisional bookings. Once a reservation has been confirmed Lavinia House will confirm the reservation by email, unless otherwise agreed by another suitable method.

Lost Keys

For future guest's security, when a key is lost, the lock will need to be replaced. Therefore, lost keys will be charged at £50.00. This is to cover the new lock, keys, key fob and key tag. This sum also covers the labour to fit the new mechanism.


Whilst smokers are very welcome there is a no smoking policy throughout the Guesthouse. You must not smoke in our Guesthouse or interfere with our fire detection system. If you do so, we will terminate your booking without refund and reserve the right to require you to leave the Guesthouse immediately. You authorise us to charge you any costs we incur if you smoke or cause damage in our Guesthouse including costs for specialist cleaning (to make the room fit for sale as a non-smoking environment) and the cost of the room for any time period it is unusable. You authorise us to charge this amount (starting form £100.00) to the payment card used in your booking. We may refuse to accept bookings from you in the future.


 Any damage should be reported as soon as possible to allow us to repair as necessary to avoid any unnecessary disruption. The guest shall be responsible to the Guesthouse for any damage caused to the allocated room or the furniture, furnishings(bed lining, cushions and curtains.ect)and equipment therein or to the Guesthouse, the guest shall pay Lavinia House the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage up to an unlimited amount. This includes damage discovered after your departure. You authorise us to charge you any costs we incur if you cause damage in our Guesthouse including costs for specialist cleaning, repair and renewal, the cost of the room for any time period it is unusable and any other inconvenience caused. We may refuse to accept bookings from you in the future.

 Removal of Guesthouse property

You authorise us to charge you any costs of replacing any items (towels, bed lining, Hairdryer kettle and tv.ect.)that are removed from the premises without consent, this includes items discovered as missing after you have departed. The charge will be the full amount to replace the missing items, including any carriage charge.

Takeaway Food

Takeaway food is not permitted in the bedrooms as odours and food stains are difficult to remove. Guests failing to comply may incur an additional charge (starting from £50.00) to cover extra cleaning and/or damage caused.


In the public areas of Lavinia House, CCTV may be in operation and video recordings may be made including audio. This activity is carried out for the security of guests and staff.

We apologise if any of the conditions above offend, but due to a small minority we find ourselves in a position where we have to protect our business and the safety and well being of our guests &staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

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